Young People Who Care, Inc. of Frenchville, PA
Home Repairs as part of the Young People Who Care Direct Service ProgramDirect Service

Young People Who Care reaches out to those in need by providing Repairing steps as part of the Young People Who Care Direct Serviceassistance with home repairs, painting, yard work, errands for the homebound & elderly, and other services not available through other agencies. YPWC also works on advocacy and networking with other agencies. These direct services provided by YPWC Long term volunteers, short term volunteers, local volunteers, and high school and college weekend or week-long groups.

Service Program Description

YPWC's program for teens and adults gives participants the opportunity to be involved in social justice outreach in an environment of a Christian Community. This experience includes service to the poor of Clearfield and Centre Counties in Pennsylvania, community building, prayerful reflection of experience, and personal processing time. The service program begins with a time for community building among the participants and an orientation period. This orientation includes presentations on Young People Who Care and how the community that lives here has responded to the vision and challenge of the pastoral letter "This Land is Home to Me" for the past 40 years, and the ministries of YPWC and how, as a volunteer, you are involved in these ministries. Participants of this program are invited into a simple lifestyle in solidarity with the poor. This lifestyle includes home prepared meals, refrained use of modern conveniences, conservation of our natural resources through recycling, and attentiveness to each others needs. The participants are engaged in a variety of ministries throughout their service time. Volunteers have the opportunity to work with different people on a variety of jobs.

Interior Painting Gardening Preparing Soil for a Garden Planting Buidling

How Can I Help?

YPWC is always in need of volunteers to help with our ministries. You can volunteer for a few hours, a week, a month, or a year. Go to our volunteer page for more information about helping out.